Hi, my name is Robin👋🏼

I’m a 27 year old maker and part time electronic engineering student from Cologne, Germany.

In my free time I love designing all kinds of electronic stuff and the associated software, generally everything that’s related to (radio-)communication: HF, amateur radio, IoT, …
Everything I made is documented on GitHub. There you can find all design files and code of my projects.

I also got an amateur radio license; My callsign is DF2RO. However, I’m not really active on the ham bands since I’m more interested in radio electronics and the software than talking to some old man.

Besides that, I’m a volunteer firefighter at my hometown. For study and work I’m living in Cologne at the moment, so this hobby is paused for now.
I have a 9-5 office job in the professional land mobile radio industry. I'm working at the German Federal Network Agency, where I do LMR/PMR frequency coordination.

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